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Plug and Play Dash Panel Kit

Truely Plug and Play, includes indicator lights and attractive lables! $895.00 with either of the pictured gauges. Call for pricing with other Auto Meter gauges.

Hydraulic Liftgate Struts

Scout II, Simple Bolt on Replacement Kit - $95.00 Screws and Brackets Included!

Rear Step Bumpers

Scout II, SS II, Traveler & Terra - $525.00 powder coated with brackets!


New 3-core $445.00

New 3-core Hi-Efficiency $505.00

Air Conditioner Condensors

New $235.00

New Plastic Fuel Tanks

Scout II's, Terra's and Traveler's

19 Gallon (Does not include straps or sending unit) $189.00

New Plastic Tanks also available for 80's/800's

10 Gallon (Includes straps but not senders) $205.00 each

Brightlight Wiring Kits

Scout II's, Terra's and Traveler's

No more dim headlights, allows the use of high output H4 bulbs with no dimming, but also works great with standard halogen bulbs.

New Heater Motors

Scout 80, Scout 800, Scout II, Terra and Traveler

Brand New Heater Motors

High Torque Starters

Built to handle hot starting problems.
Power up your big International V8 engine with these custom built Nippondenso mini gear reduction starters. If your vehicle won't start when hot, or cranks slowly, then you must have this starter. You won't find a better starter.
Designed with a gear reduction of 4.4:1, it can handle cranking those big International engines (266, 304, 345, 391, 392 both gas and LPG)

Belts and Hoses

Call or e-mail for details!

Brake Hoses

Stock and Custom Length Hoses: Scouts 1961-1980. (Pictured - Scout 80 Front) Call or e-mail for details!

Shifter Boots

Call or e-mail for details!

Throttle and Shifter Cables

Call or e-mail for details!

Window Regulators

Scout II, Traveler and Terra!

$151.00 new

Scout 80/800 Underhood Air Duct Hose

Hard to find 4 1/2 inch Air Duct hose for Scout 80/800!

Currently not Available

Remanufactured Steering Gear Boxes

Manual $215.00 exch.

Power $285.00 exch.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases

$495.00 exchange -or- $695.00 outright Dana 20/$1295.00 outright Dana 300.

Intermediate Steering Shafts

Replaces Steering Coupler (Rag Joint) and Factory Intermediate Shaft

Works Great for Trucks with or without Body Lift Kits

Solid Shaft $175.00 Pictured

Quarter Panel Fillers

395463C2 & 395464C3

Note: THESE ARE NOT PATCH PANELS FOR THE REAR QUARTERS! These are the fillers that fit between the quarter and the wheel well.

New Scout 80/800 Bucket Seats

Requires modification to mount

$235.00 each

Corbeau Seats for Scout II

Available heated, with lumbar suport, leather, etc.

$298.00 each and up

This page is new so there is much, much more to come and there are many more parts available, call for details.

Call, Check us out on FaceBook or E-mail for any information or questions concerning International Harvester Scouts in general or Scout M.A.D.ness products. Or give us a call at (806) 745-7475.