Scout M.A.D.ness

Address: 12201 CR 2500
at the Town and Country Airport
Lubbock, TX 79404
Mark A. Drake (Owner)

(806) 745-7475

Terms and Conditions


Please make all payments to: Scout M.A.D.ness

Credit Cards: Discover, Visa & American Express.  On all credit card orders we must have the account number, expiration date, the 3 digit CCV2 security number on the back of the card and the card holder's name and address as it appears on the monthly statement as well as a telephone number.

Checks by Telephone: On all Check by Telephone orders we must have the name and address as it appears on the check as well as the bank name, routing number and account number.  These checks will be held until clear (7-10 business days).

Check by Internet: The same information is required here as for the Checks by Telephone, there are more stipulations involved you can see those at

C.O.D. Orders: These are no longer available.  Sorry.

Returned Checks: Returned Checks will be assessed a $25.00 handling fee.

Canada/Worldwide: The entire order must be prepaid in U.S. funds. If you wish to use a credit card for these shipments you must provide, by fax or mail, a copy of the card front and back, a copy of the top portion of your statement with the billing address and your signature. There is also a $10.00 handling fee for foreign orders. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.


Telephone Orders: Phone orders are welcomed.  Plan ahead and have your shipping and payment information ready.  Also please be patient, we have a high call volume and sometimes it is necessary to place you on hold.

Mail Orders: Please be sure to include all pertinent vehicle information as well as your shipping address and phone number.  If there is any doubt call before you send in your order.

E-mail Orders: We accept email orders as well.  You can pay for these orders with checks by internet (click here) or you can mail a check or money order.  DO NOT send us your credit card # via email, this is now an illegal practice in the US.   If you wish to pay by credit card you'll need to call.  Thank you.  E-mail us.


USA Lower 48: Unless otherwise requested by you, orders are shipped via UPS ground. UPS ground shipping prices are determined by UPS, based on zone, weight and in the case of larger packages, size. Texas residents will have 8.25% sales tax that applies to their orders. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any shipping questions.

Canada/Worldwide: Unless otherwise requested by you orders are shipped via UPS standard or expedited shipping. These prices also are determined by UPS, based on weight and size. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any shipping questions.

UPS Next day, 2 Day, 3 Day or service from other carriers can be arranged.

Truck Shipments: Some items are too large or too heavy for UPS to accept (Body parts, engines, axles, etc.) and must go via truck freight. We have a 50% discount with Yellow freight and will pass that discount along to you. Prices for truck shipments are based on your location and the weight of the shipment. Texas residents will have 8.25% sales tax that applies to their orders. All truck shipment orders are final, so be sure that clarity is unquestionable. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any shipping questions.

Damage Claims: It is the responsibility of the carrier for the delivery of merchandise in good condition. YOU MUST INSPECT ALL DELIVERIES AT ONCE!!!!! Do this in the presence of the carrier if possible. If you receive an opened or damaged package, have the carrier write "damaged" on the delivery sheet. Contact UPS or the Truck line so they can send a representative to inspect the damaged package. Their representative will then contact us and we will take the proper steps to execute the claims and/or send replacement parts. If these procedures are not followed, the carrier will not accept liability for the damaged shipment.

Shortage Claims: In order for us to act quickly on shortage claims, we must be notified within 3 days upon receipt of the shipment. After this period of time we will not be held responsible for any shortages!

Drop Shipments: In order to save time and shipping expense, certain items that are not in stock may be shipped directly from the manufacturer or another warehouse.

Refused Shipments: The customer shall be responsible for all shipping and handling charges, any shortage claims, as well as a 25% restock fee on ANY refused shippment. Thank you.

RETURNS - Please Do Not Attempt Any Return Without Prior Authorization!

General Returns: Books, Electrical Parts, Used Parts and Special Order Items (See Below) ARE NOT RETURNABLE! ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE AFTER 30 DAYS! Returnable items must have prior approval (You'll be given an RGA# and it must appear clearly on the box.), must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and must be shipped prepaid. NO C.O.D.'s are accepted. Returnable items are also subject to a 20% restock fee.

Core Returns: No core returns are allowed after 60 days. If your core is no good you will NOT receive credit for it. If you already know that it is not rebuildable, save yourself the shipping. NO C.O.D.'s accepted, the customer is responsible for the return shipping on cores.

Defect Returns/Guarantee: You'll need an RGA# for defective parts returns as well. All new parts are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material. Liability is limited to the replacement of the defective part or parts. Our guarantee is also subject to the warranty policy for each manufacturer or supplier. We shall not be held liable for personal or mechanical damages caused by the use or misuse of any product, nor any labor cost associated with installation/removal, thereof.

Special Order Items: As noted above, special order items are NOT returnable. Some examples of special order items are: Stripes/decals, Soft tops, Custom bumpers, Tires/Wheels, Carpet, Seats, Seat Covers, Wire harnesses, Certain ring & pinion ratios, Lockers, and Fiberglass parts. Rebuilt engines, transmissions, trasfer cases and axles. Anything that is made or built to your specifications is considered a special order item and is NOT returnable.

Apologies: I'm sorry to have to sound like a hard ass here but, for years and years we've been able to do business on a handshake, so to speak. Thanks to a select few, We are left with no choice other than to set these rules and follow them. Those of you that are long time customers know we are easy to get along with and nothing has changed. To the potential new customers, these rules had to be set because of a few folks that wanted to take advantage of a situation. Just some examples here: I have had folks demand that I take items back that were sold to them nearly a year earlier, thus the 30 day return policy. I have had people order stuff, leave it in the packaging for months and months, discover it was damaged and then expect me to replace it, since the shiping company would not after that period of time. Keep in mind that we are not Wal-Mart (tm), we do not have billions and billions of transactions, so it is really hard to absorb transactions gone bad. I have even had people that I sold used parts to actually return the part they were replacing claiming I had sent them a defective part; again we are not doing billions of transactions so we are quite aware of what goes out the doors here and thankfully our used parts are all marked. If we make a mistake and send you a wrong part or defective part we will take care of it. This is how I put food on my table, I've owned Scout M.A.D.ness since 1992, I been around a long while and do not plan on going anywhere, so I have to take care of my customers! Basically I'm saying that I pay for my mistakes, please do not expect me to pay for yours too. We are very easy to work with and would like the oportunity to serve you, so please give us a try.