Scout M.A.D.ness

Address: 12201 CR 2500
Lubbock, TX 79404
(806) 745-7475

Under Carriage Accessories

4" Spring Lifts by Triangle

Scout II, SS II, Traveler & Terra; includes leaf springs, bushings and u-bolts!

Also Available, 2 1/2" Lift for Scout 80's & 800's!

Recessed U-bolt Plates

No more damage to u-bolts and lower shock bolts, increases ground clearance!

Extended Length Replacement Brake Lines

No need to buy high dollar low quality stainless lines!


Intermediate Steering Shafts

Replaces Steering Coupler (Rag Joint) and Factory Intermediate Shaft

Works Great for Trucks with or without Body Lift Kits

Solid Shaft $160.00 Pictured

Vibration Dampening $225.00

Twin Stick Conversion for Dana 20 and Dana 300

Stainless Steel with new Boot and retainer

Adds more versatility to you Scout!


Heavy Duty Extended or Stock Length Shackles

2" & 3" Body Lift Kits

71 - 80 Scout II
2" #802
3" #803
Double Jointed Intermediate Steering Shafts Scout with body lifts!!!

Polyurethane Spring and Body Bushings

Authorized Dealer!

Spring Bushings for Scout 80, Scout 800, Scout II, SS II, Traveler and Terra.

Body Bushings are Also Available in Polyurethane!

Wonder Bar

Stops Roadwalking! Increase stability! Photo!


Skid Plates

Fuel Tank Skid Plate 19 Gallon and 33 Gallon
Front Set
Skid Plate to Cover Front Differential
Oil Pan Skid Plate

Axle Parts

Locking Differential
Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

Superwinch Hubs

Manual Locking Hubs for Scouts

Class III Trailer Hitch

Class III Trailer Hitch For Step Bumper



Procomp Shocks Available for : Scout 80, Scout 800, Scout II, SS II, Traveler and Terra.

Stock and Lifted Aplications.

33 Gallon Fuel Tank

Fits all Scouts 71 - 80. Complete mounting hardware included.

Reverse Shackle Kit

For Added Driving Comfort and Suspension Travel.
Kit Includes:
Front Towers
Cross Support
Frame Bushings
Frame Tubing
Frame Bolts
Drive Shaft

Also Available

Extended Brake Lines
Heavy Duty Power Steering Lines

20 Foot - 10,000 # Tow Straps $22.00

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